Filters for air conditioning and ventilation installations

Lombarda Filtri is a company specialized in the manufacture and trade of air filters for air conditioning and ventilation systems .

Lombard Filters develops and produces air filters suitable for any application , which ensure a secure and economical air treatment and that are designed to meet the most demanding needs of hotels, hospitals , department stores , museums , factories , offices .

The basic concepts of our philosophy are:


Our filters can be provided in a 100% incinerable version (with plastic or carton frame); that makes all the wasting operations easier. 
Standard medias used for cells are thermo-bonded, without resins; for this reason they are lighter and with a lower enviromental impact.


Thanks to the high flexibility that characterize our company structure and our machinery we are able to provide without of standard sized products also for little quantity, solving any problem related to replacements.


The use of efficient updated machinery (that are often fruit of our R&D studies), the collaboration with high qualified suppliers and a ISO 9001 certified managing system make us a reliable partner.