They are disposable pleated filtering cells at medium efficiency and they are composed of a nonwoven reinforced cotton fibre media supported on the air leaving side with a metal grid and boxed into a strong die cut cardboard frame. The pleating according to which the grid and media are fitted ensures a real filtering surface by two times (for filters having 23 mm thickness) to six times (for filters having 98 mm thickness) higher than the frontal surface of the cell.


They are used either as final filters or as pre-filters to filters having higher efficiency (like LOM-BAG pockets filters, rigid pockets or activated carbon filters) in ventilation and air treatment units, when it is necessary to combine good air flows with reduced passage sections.


The filtration class of these filters is G4 (M5 to F8 available on request) according to EN 779:2012 Standards. Pleat shape and stability assure maximum air flow with minimum resistance and high dirt storage throughout the life of the filter.
The table below shows the capacities and the pertaining initial resistance for the standard sizes:


Dimensions [mm] Capacity [m3/h] Pressure drop [Pa] Capacity [m3/h] Pressure drop [Pa]
sp. 23 sp. 48 sp. 98 sp. 23 sp. 48 sp. 98
400 x 500 1840 100 60 55 2380 n.a. 80 76
400 x 625 2400 100 60 55 2980 n.a 80 76
500 x 500 2400 100 60 55 2980 n.a 80 76
500 x 625 2980 100 60 55 3650 n.a 80 76
595 x 595 3400 100 60 55 4240 n.a 80 76
287 x 595 1700 100 60 55 2120 n.a 80 76

The limit working temperature is 90°C approx. The DP filtering cells can be supplied with different dimensions from the standard above ones.


The DP filters can be installed into C-shaped guides or into holding frames at frontal access. These filters are not washable, replace the cells once having reached a resistance of 200÷250 Pa.


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