They are high efficiency filters composed of a series of pockets through which the air to be treated passes. These pockets are made in glass microfibers media supported on the air outlet side by a nonwoven covering, and are properly clamped to a support frame. Strong seams ensure the good seal of pockets. The property of these filters is the high filtering surface (proportional to the depth of the bags and their number).


They are used in air treatment units and ventilation plants either as final filters or as pre-filters to absolute filters in order to make their life longer.


They are available in 4 models: VH 50, VH 60, VH 80 and VH 95.
The efficiencies and filtration classes in accordance with EN ISO 16890 and EN 779 and the initial pressure drops at the rated flow rate for some standard formats available are:

Front dimensions

and depth

Number of pockets Capacity [m3/h] Initial pressure drop [Pa]
VH 50 VH 60 VH 80 VH 95
592 x 592 x 535 8 3000 60 70 110 140
592 x 592 x 635 3400
592 x 592 x 735 3700
592 x 592 x 915 4000
Filtration class according to EN ISO 16890 ISO ePM10 60% ISO ePM2,5 60% ISO ePM1 60% ISO ePM1 80%
Filtration class according to EN 779:2012 M5 M6 F7 F8/F9

The limit working temperature is of 90°C approx.
Capacities comprised between the 75% and the 125% of the mentioned ones are allowed for a good working of filters. Approximately it is possible to consider, inside this range, a linear correspondence between resistance and capacity.
Filters with different number of pockets, different frontal and/or depth dimensions are available.

Installation & service

It is advisable to foresee a pre-filtration stage before these filters. The LOM-BAG filters can be installed into proper holding frames having frontal access and usually designed to fit any possible pre-filters. It is advisable to replace these filters once having reached a resistance of 250÷300 Pa.

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