They are strong filtering cells at low-medium gravimetric efficiency and they are composed of a labyrinth structure filtering media having several knitted aluminum flat wire layers, kept by two zinc-plated wire nets and boxed into a galvanized steel frame.


They are used for fan-coil, air treatment units, warm air generators, ventilation equipment of machines, as pre-filters to filters with higher performances, as filters for hoods and drops separators.


The efficiency of these cells according to EN ISO 16890 is between ISO Coarse 35% and ISO Coarse 50% (between classes G2 and G3 according to EN 779:2012).
Better filtration characteristics can be obtained by varying the number of layers of metal mesh and, above all, by wetting the filter with adhesive oils.
The table below shows the capacities and the pertaining initial resistance for the standard available sizes.

Dimensions [mm] Capacity [m³/h] Pressure drop [Pa] Capacity [m³/h] Pressure drop [Pa]
Thk. 23 mm Thk. 48 mm Thk. 23 mm Thk. 48 mm
400 x 500 630 15 25 950 25 40
400 x 625 800 1200
500 x 500 800 1200
500 x 625 1010 1520
595 x 595 1140 1710
287 x 595 520 780

The limit working temperature is higher than 100°C.
The CM filtering cells can be supplied with different dimensions and thicknesses from the standard above ones, with zinc-plated media (CM/ZN type), entirely in aluminum (CMA type) or in AISI 304 stainless steel (CXC type).

Installation & service

The CM filters can be installed into C-shaped guides or into holding frames at frontal access. Replace or regenerate the cells once having reached a resistance of 200 Pa. Clean by shaking (in case of rough and dry dust) or by counter current air or by warm water and cleaning agent, then, if necessary, grease again the filter with adhesive oil.